Executive Board Members

The Southland Friends of Labor Executive Board consists of 15 members.
David Maine  Laborers Local 5 (Retired)
Frank DiGiovanni Laborers Local 5
Bruce Nelson Carpenters #272 (Retired)

Tom Villanova     IBEW Local 134 (Retired)

Joel Brown   Attorney At Law

 Phil Hitzelburger UAW Local 588


Al Whitmon Teamsters Local 710 (Retired)

Mike Clemmons      IBEW Local 176

Robert Howard Carpenters #272

Michael Schauer Sprinkler Fitters #281 (Retired)

John Willard Ironworkers #444 (Retired)

Gary Ciaccio AFSCME Local 29

William Mangin Insulators #17

Laurie Summers (RN)